Vote Winners & Factions Reset

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Hello Blockdrop!

Today I have 2 big announcements! We have the result for the monthly vote prize and also some news about the upcoming factions reset!

First, the vote prize: The following 4 voterss have been picked at random for the prize draw and each will $100 worth of store credit!

- HeroMC
- EthanIsAPerson
- Gl1ch
- ShadowGamez

Each of you can just DM me on discord to claim your prize! For those that didn’t win, do not worry! We now have 4 vote links instead of 1 and we will be doing the exact same next month!

Factions reset:

We have decided to reset factions. The date will next next Friday, May 8th. The reset will mostly be optimisations, with new things comings like stackable spawners and better mob stacking to help reduce lag and make a more optimised and fun server that gives the players to build bigger and better farms than before. We will also be updating the backend version to 1.12.2 to give more blocks available to players!

As with every update, anything...

Skyblock Sonic

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Hello Blockdrop!

Today is time for the biggest announcement in a long time. I am excited to announce a whole new game mode: Skyblock Sonic!

As all Skyblock players know, Skyblock has been extremely popular to the point of some days getting 150+ players online. This makes it the perfect time for us to grow and expand our Skyblock selection. For this reason, we will soon be opening Skyblock Sonic.

For the avoidance of confusion, the original Skyblock has been renamed “Skyblock Astra”. The new Skyblock Sonic will be a completely different type of economy which will not only attract new players to Blockdrop, but also give current Skyblock players more options and a more fun experience!

All ranks currently on the original Skyblock will remain there and the original Skyblock will still be a part of Blockdrop forever. We think that adding this new Skyblock Sonic will actually help the original Skyblock by reducing player load and therefore reducing lag.

The new Skyblock Sonic will...

Survival Reset

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Hello Blockdrop!

A new season of survival will be starting soon!

A lot of you may know that survival has been on the latest Minecraft version for a long time. This newest version will be an exemption to that rule. A lot of players have asked us to downgrade versions to something that is more optimised and tested so that they can get quicker pings. For this reason we will be basing this new reset on Minecraft version 1.12.2.

As always you will be able to join with any Minecraft version, but the actual server backend is 1.12 so therefore you will not be able to do anything that is normally in any version above 1.12.

The launch will be Friday, April 17th at mid day EST. (5pm for those in the UK).

Thanks for reading!



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Hello Blockdrop.

This is just a quick update to let everyone know the situation with Blockdrop and the coronavirus. Obviously with us being an online company, we have no reason to close. In fact I will be self isolating at home and spending even more time on Blockdrop than I normally would. Blockdrop will stay online during the whole coronavirus situation.

As well as that, as we anticipate an increase in player numbers due to people being kept at home for longer due to the outbreak, we will be adding some extra new fun game modes (like Bedwars) to keep people entertained throughout this whole situation.

I know that now this virus may seem scary and intimidating but this is something that we can deal with. My honest advice to people Is to stay at home as much as possible, irrelevant of if your school/college/work would tell you otherwise. Even governments are not 100% sure on the long term effects of this outbreak and when it comes to life and death situations, the importance...

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