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Hello Blockdrop!

Okay so, based on the voting results from the last post, it looks like a lot us want to clamp down on hackers and remove them. So this is what I will help to do.

Stage 1 is already complete, I have made all bans global. This mean that any bans, including Watchdog will ban from all servers, instead of just the server that the ban happened. This will stop people being banned on 1 game (like Factions) and then just going to hack in Skyblock instead.

The next step is to extend the Watchdog ban lengths. Improve watchdogs detection and recruit around 80 new staff to tackle all hackers.

We will also have a page on the forums for anyone to see who is banned, when and why.

We want it to be at a point where you can contact a staff at any point in the day and remove hackers instantly.

We will also be adding a new option on the server selector for a server that people can go to that staff will wait at, so you can easily find a staff member.

I am doing all of this because of the results from the last post. It looks like a lot of the community want this and I always say that Blockdrop is a community effort, so I will do what the most people want.

If anyone has anymore suggestions then please make a post about it and I will read it.

Thanks for reading, thanks for playing and thanks for being an active part in this community.

Hello Blockdrop.

I have seen a lot of complaints about hackers so I do have a plan.

Instead of recruiting staff slowly, it could be possible to recruit and train around 80 staff (8 each for each of the main game modes) and get them online as often as possible.

The aim would be to have at least 1 staff online in any game mode at any one time, this would result in less hackers and less toxic people in chat.

I know that most of Blockdrop are amazing people who make our community amazing and would want to get rid of the few who ruin it for everyone.

I do always say that this server is made by the players so I will leave it down to a vote. Please use the vote on this thread to say if you would think its a good idea that we should recruit loads of staff.


Hello citizens of BlockDrop!

I’m proud to announce we have consistently hit 1,500 players since the last update. This makes us the largest cracked minecraft server out there. This is hugely awesome!

Because we hope you’re having a fantastic time playing here, we’re revamping City Life! After Prison being such a success, we’ve decided to fully revamp City Life, adding things like:

• Cars
• Brand new apartments
• Planes and helicopters
• New houses
• New mine
• +More

Due to popular demand we’re currently working on making the revamp a revamp only meaning you keep your items and balances, but it’s not certain. We obviously can’t go through each and every plot, inventory and enderchest so please bear with us.

As always, we couldn’t have done any of this without the players. It’s because of you that we are where we are today, from seasoned players who have been here since the early days, to our new players- Thank you.

A special thanks to our donators. It’s because of you that we can add new things to the game, and keep the server up and running.

Until next time, we are BlockDrop!