The “escalation” number for each punishment is the number of times a player can receive that punishment before being eligible for an extended punishment. Once this threshold has been reached, a staff member can ask an admin or higher ranked person to issue their escalation punishment. The escalation punishment is calculated by multiplying the amount of previous punishments for that specific offense X the punishment length (For example, if a player has 10 previous bans for hacking. The excessive punishment would be 10X14 days (140 days).

Hacking: 14 day ban - Escalation: 5
Invis: in pvp: 7 day ban - Escalation: 2
Inappropriate name: 60 day ban - ip ban if repeated
inappropriate skin: kick - (7 day ban if repeated)
Flying in pvp: kick - Escalation: 5 (turns to 7 day ban)
Spam (including caps spam) 4 hour mute - Escalation: 10
Hate speak (including racism, homophobia etc) 2 day mute - Escalation: 5
Light advertising: 4 hour mute - Escalation: 4
Advertising: 60d ban - Escalation: 2
Disrespect/Toxic chat: 1d mute - Escalation: 5
None english: 1 day mute - Escalation: 5
Mute evading: Ban for muted length



Youtuber Rules:

People with the Youtube rank in game must follow aditional rules. This is to protect players and chat from excessive spam.

When advertising their youtube channel (giving the link in game) they must make sure that all 3 of the following criteria are met:

Someone asked for their channel link.
It has been at least 10 mins since they last posted it in chat
They have posted a video about Blockdrop within the past week.