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Hacking | Cheating
Cheating/Hacking generally describes various actions designed to subvert rules to obtain unfair advantages.
1️⃣ Offence ➟  7 Day Ban
2️⃣ Offence ➟  14 Day Ban
3️⃣  Offence ➟ 30 Day Ban
4️⃣  Offence ➟  90 Day Ban
5️⃣  Offence ➟  1 Year Ban
6️⃣  Offence ➟  Perm Ban

Spamming | Caps 
Sending messages repeatedly | Overuse of Caps
1️⃣ Offence ➟  30 Min Mute
2️⃣ Offence ➟  2 Hour Mute
3️⃣  Offence ➟  1 Day Mute
4️⃣  Offence ➟  1 Week Mute

Disrespect | Discrimination
Bullying | Toxic | Racism | Homophobia | Excessive Swearing
1️⃣ Offence ➟  1 Hour Mute
2️⃣ Offence ➟  4 Hour Mute
3️⃣  Offence ➟  1 Day Mute
4️⃣  Offence ➟  1 Week Mute

Invisibility In PvP
Using an invisibility potion in PVP
1️⃣ Offence ➟  1 Week Ban

Command Spamming
Using a command repeatedly
1️⃣ Offence ➟  Kick
2️⃣ Offence ➟  30 Min Ban
3️⃣  Offence ➟  1 Day Ban

Spam Provoking
Provoking others to spam chat
1️⃣ Offence ➟  Kick
2️⃣ Offence ➟  30 Min Mute
3️⃣  Offence ➟  1 Hour Mute

Threats | Threatening
Threatening to harm the server/community or to any players
1️⃣ Offence ➟  1 Day Mute
2️⃣ Offence ➟  1 Week Ban
3️⃣  Offence ➟  Contact Tree182/Vond123/Doobaa

Non-English in main chat
Speaking another language in any sort of main/public chat is not allowed. Use /msg if you want to speak another language
1️⃣ Offence ➟  1 Day Mute

Light Advertising
Encouraging people to join a server, Discord links/groups, YT Links
1️⃣ Offence ➟  1 Day Mute
2️⃣ Offence ➟  2 Day Mute
3️⃣  Offence ➟  7 Day Mute

Advertising such things as other servers with IP.
1️⃣ In /msg  ➟  30 Day Ban
1️⃣ In Main Chat  ➟  60 Day Ban

Extreme Advertising
Asking players (Or saying IP) of a server multiple times or to multiple people
1️⃣ Offence ➟  Perm Ban

Scamming IRL Money
Scamming anyone from the community for IRL Money will not be allowed, This includes buying someone stuff from the store and scamming them
1️⃣ Offence ➟  Contact Tree182/Vond123/Doobaa

Ban Evading
Logging in an alternate account with a different IP to avoid the punishment such as ban is forbidden on Blockdrop. Your punishment will be extended and the alternate accounts will be banned along with your main account.
1️⃣ Offence ➟  Double the punishment length
2️⃣ Offence ➟  Ban Evading Muitple times usually ends with a Perm Ban

Account Sharing
This is prohibited. if you share an account with someone then you are at your own risk of getting Hacked/Banned and if any of those happen we will not take it upon ourselves to unban it or help you in any way since it's your account and your responsibility to look after it
1️⃣ Offence ➟  Perm Ban

Since the items and ranks you receive when purchasing are Digital Intangible Items, there is a strict no refund policy. You can not replace the time it took to assign you your rank, and / or give back the items you received, so no refunds will be granted. Opening a PayPal dispute will result in your account being permanently IP banned on our network and other webstores.
1️⃣ Offence ➟  Perm Ban