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  1. MadDog_F1

    Prison pvp hacker

    Nick : bbh_is_cool Problem: Hacking in pvp Date : 28/01/2020 GameMode : Prison And check this person alt accounts because there is ranked player called bbh_is_a_muffin maybe he hacks on his other accounts. (just saying)
  2. MadDog_F1

    Swearing in main chat

    Real Nick : xTerminal Report : Swearing in main chat Date 27/01/2020 Gamemode : Prison
  3. MadDog_F1

    Spam in mail

    Nick : Sutlijash Spams in /mail same text and as i can see he is muted for 1 day and he writes in /mail so hes avoiding mute Date : 27.01.2020 Gamemode : Prison
  4. MadDog_F1

    Pvp hacker (Prison)

    Nickname of hacker : feeel_sp3cial Date : 27/01/2020 Problem : Uses Killaura, speedhack, aim, super knockback and it looks like he punches from very far range. Proof :
  5. MadDog_F1

    Caps and Swearing

    Nickname : XxgamerpikachuxX Doing caps letters and swearing in main chat. Date : 26/01/2020 Gamemode : Prison
  6. MadDog_F1

    Caps and Swearing

    Real nickname : kasdavidas Gamemode : prison date : 26/01/2020 Swearing and doing caps in chat. (he was doing more but got only this in 1 screenshot)
  7. MadDog_F1

    Not english in main chat

    These 2 guys chatting in main chat in not english language. Named : rolandas325 and ZstepXd Date : 26/01/2020 Gamemode : Prison
  8. MadDog_F1


    AnriYT spams same thing there was more but i taked only this ss because here you can see his realname
  9. MadDog_F1

    Prison pvp hacker

    So Vkrockzzzz leaved the server but after 5-10mins comed another hacker :) This hacker using aim and killaura 100% because it easy sees how he punches with potions, g apples and not even looking in people. Aim i mean he using because he dont even miss any punch and breaks protection x armor with...
  10. MadDog_F1

    PVP hacker prison

    Making more 1 report on same person nicknamed Vkrockzzzz because hes killing people in pvp 1-2 hours straight without any punishment and no staff in server. Hope he gets ban fast :) I goed with that set in pvp to get better proofs how he is using killaura :) Hope this report will ban him :)...
  11. MadDog_F1

    Prison pvp hacker

    Hello dear staff! There is a hacker in prison pvp who uses 100% killaura check full video for proof :) Hope you take it serious. Hes nickname : Vkrockzzzz