Hello Blockdrop.

This is just a quick update to let everyone know the situation with Blockdrop and the coronavirus. Obviously with us being an online company, we have no reason to close. In fact I will be self isolating at home and spending even more time on Blockdrop than I normally would. Blockdrop will stay online during the whole coronavirus situation.

As well as that, as we anticipate an increase in player numbers due to people being kept at home for longer due to the outbreak, we will be adding some extra new fun game modes (like Bedwars) to keep people entertained throughout this whole situation.

I know that now this virus may seem scary and intimidating but this is something that we can deal with. My honest advice to people Is to stay at home as much as possible, irrelevant of if your school/college/work would tell you otherwise. Even governments are not 100% sure on the long term effects of this outbreak and when it comes to life and death situations, the importance of school and work falls away in the face of surviving and making sure that you and your loved ones have the smallest chance possible of having any negative effects from this virus.

Its also important to spread awareness to those around you, both in game on the server but also in real life. Give your older relatives a call and let them know that you are thinking of them, offer any help that they may need and urge them to stay home as much as possible and to keep safe.

We have much more in common than we generally realise, as a gaming community and also as a whole planet. At times like this we should all come together to support each other and I wish everyone the best to get through this. I genuinely wish everyone (with no exceptions, I mean everyone here) strength, courage and resilience to get through this tough time and I look forward to the day that we can look back on this as a community and know that it made us stronger.