Hello Blockdrop!

Following the success of our Team Trees donation and after reading about the terrible situation in Australia right now, I think it would only be right to try to help towards this situation. Australia is burning right now. Over a billion animals have already died and an area bigger than 1/3rd the side of the UK has already burned down. They urgently need help.

I know that we have spent a lot over the holidays and that people do not have loads of money right now. But everything helps and this is why we should do this as a community. Our contribution as a server is much bigger than anything that we can do alone.

100% Of the money from this donation will be send to the WWF Australia Emergency fund.
More info about this can be seen at: https://support.wwf.org.uk/australia-bushfires

The donation will be a combined donation from all fo the purchases on block drop and we will be making the donation on Friday 17th January 2020.
You will receive a chat name tag to thank you for donating.

We want to get this money to the cause as soon as possible. For this reason we ask you to checkout using Paypal (this accepts normal credit/debit cards as well as Paypal accounts) as Paypal money is instantly accessible and this means we can send the donation on Friday, to maximise its impact and get to the fires sooner.

The minimum amount to donate is $20 but its possible to enter a custom amount. The person who donates the most will receive a store voucher worth DOUBLE their donation amount so please donate more if possible. Every cent goes towards helping the Australia bushfire emergency!

You can keep track of the amount we have raised so far on the main page of the store. The goal is set to $100 so whatever the percentage amount says is the equivalent amount of dollars raised! (eg If it says 182% then we have raised $182).




I don't have 20$ but would still like to donate, is that possible, as the mininmal is 20$