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SkyBlock Guide

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SkyBlock Guide
New to Skyblock and want to spam help in the main chat?. You don't have to just follow this
simple guide and you are all good.

1.First join
Ok so you joined the server for the first time now you want some money fast so you start
spamming rich people for money. The only thing you get is some disrespect and an /ignore from
the person. So don't do this. Now what you must do is create your island.
✓ To create island do /is.
✓ Or you can right click on the npc at spawn that takes you to your island
Now you are on the island. You get irritated from the pig. Don't kill it. It will suicide later on.

2.What to do
So you created your island now you have 2 goals in mind, build your island and move up those
levels and get some money. Don't worry I got you covered. First you should build 3 basic things.
✓ Working cobble generator
✓ Unlimited water supply
✓ A little farm from the dirt you broke on your island.
Now you got these built. What you should do is plant the potatoes not the wheat. Why you ask?.
It's because potatoes count towards your farming stats.
✓ Do /farmingstats.
Now let those potatoes grow and mine in the meantime. You get ores from the cobble generator
too so you really need to mine to progress in any way. Expand your island a little so you can
have some space for your working area. In the working space you should build a farm. You
have no more dirt you say. Well there is a solution for that too. Remember those potatoes you
farmed and are lying in your chest. Grab them and sell them in the shop and buy some more
"But sky how do I sell stuff and you didn't even tell me where to sell the other stuff?".
You can't sell anything but crops. You can access both shops by these commands.
✓ /shop for buying your dirt and stuff.
✓ /sellshop for selling your crops.

" But Sky I am ultra rich from farming and now I want to buy bulk items".
Silly it's simple just click on the thing you want to buy and click Buy More. It will give you the
option to buy upto 9 stacks at a time. Make sure you have enough inventory space before you
What!? you have farmed 1000 potatoes already?. Nice. Now 69 it, JK. Now what you should do
is claim your challenge rewards.
✓ do /is and find the challenges option.
✓ click on it and claim your sweet rewards from all the potatoes.
"Sky why did you make me farm 1000 potatoes I didn't need 1000 to claim these rewards".
Ok ok no need to be angry. I made you do it because you need 1000 for the next farming recipe
which is carrot.
"But how do I buy it?".
Simple you do
✓ /is and then click on recipes
✓ buy the next recipe after you complete the requirements for it.

"Thank God I listened to sky and mined. Now I have enough levels to buy the recipe".
Now you have the next recipe. What you gotta do now is replace your farms with carrots and
rinse and repeat for the next recipe.
"Sky I don't have enough levels for the next recipe what do I do? Reeeeeeeeeeeeee".
Calm down person with unspecified gender. Some people are saints (like me) and set up xp
grinders on their island for new people like you. What you gotta do is go to someone's island.
"How do I go to someone's island?"
✓ do /is warp (person name)
"Bro what do I do with this command I needed exp not warping to someone's island who has
nothing but noob stuff."
I got you again. Do
✓/is top and go to someone's island by clicking on the name.

"I am tired of doing stuff on my island I wanna pvp".
If you wanna pvp I got some tips for you. If you have no rank you can do /kit member to receive
free pvp set for pvp. If you don't want noob stuff and want better set then buy better ranks from
✓ /rankup
You want some gapples for pvp but don't have money?. Remember the apples you got from
your trees and gold from your gen that you thought to be useless?. Combine them to make
normal gapples. You don't have any gold or apples left?. Vote for the server and get a vote key
which you can use at spawn at the vote crate for the chance to get some super golden apples.
Or you could buy some from /ah or /shop (40k a piece?. That's a scam). What you must do is
not buy 40k gapples from /shop but buy from ah.
Well if you don't want to use them and love money sell them on ah
✓ /ah sell (price)
No stop it get some help. Nobody is going to buy your super expensive gapples. It's only gonna
make you look like a noob. One super golden apple sells for 2.5k to 5k max. Want to sell
multiple just multiply the number of gapples you have with the price and there you go. I am not
going to cover the brewing because I am not a pvper and this is a guide about Skyblock not pvp.

4. Levels and friends
So you want to invite a friend to your island. You can both permanently and temporarily invite
your friend by
✓do /is coop (name) for temporary and /is uncoop (name) to remove the coop. If you go offline
or do /hub the coop ends.
✓Do /is invite (name) for permanent invite and do /is kick (name) to remove the player.
Don't kick someone mercilessly because they lose their on island when they join yours. If
someone you don't know asks to invite them to your island. First judge them if they are a good
person Not not a scammer because if you get scammed no staff is going to help you because
scamming is allowed on the server. Only portal trapping is not allowed.
"I want to increase my island level but it isn't increasing even though I built so much" .
This is because you only get levels from placing crop blocks. You can craft them by placing
crops in the crafting table like any other block. Place them on your island and then do
✓/is level

Now I am going to list the recommendations about what to do and what not to do.
✓ Farm as much as you can because the server runs on money.
✓ if you are new sell votekeys for 60k on ah
✓ when you get to melons make a diamond axe with efficiency 5 and unbreaking 3 to break the
melons like a pro.
✓ do not unlock chorus because it costs 15mil and is not worth it.
✓ play with at least 4 people on your island
✓ be polite
✓ build your island with warts or chorus crop blocks. (Only if you want to reach is top one day)
✓buy each rank up to Lord and then don't buy any more ranks if you don't pvp because Lord is
what Gucci people have. If you pvp buy any rank you want.
✓ VIP rank is useless. If you want to buy a rank then go straight to SkyLord or SkyLord+.
+Don't be hesitant to try out new designs for your island or experiment with builds.Make themes
for your island or just build any building in it that you like!
+After you are done working on your extreme level builds you can advertise your island by
writing /slot and setting a message such as "Hey guys my quartz temple is done. Come check it
out!" Set your /warp sign by writing [WELCOME] on it to let people warp to your island.

Congratulations you went through the basics and you are now a regular player. Now let's get to
the part where I list the common problems new players face and how to deal with it.​


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6. Common problems and their fix
✓ "My lava turned into obsidian"
You can get your lava back by right clicking on the obsidian with an empty bucket.
✓ "I got diamond but only have a stone pickaxe"
Don't be sad it happens. Either ask someone for an iron pick or just be a man and wait till an
iron ore spawns.
✓ "My generator is not spawning any ores"
If you are mining with a diamond pickaxe start mining with an iron pickaxe for 5 minutes. If it
doesn't fix you will just have to reset your island.
✓ "Somebody killed me by tping me to pvp"
Sadly nothing can be done. You will just have to re earn that stuff and don't accept random tps
from people.
✓"Somebody tped me inside a nether portal"
Now what you have to do is download labymod and use it's auto text feature to write /spawn to
get out of there.

7. Common commands
Now I will list some common commands that are needed on the server to play.
✓/is go
To go to your island
✓/is reset
To reset your island
✓write [WELCOME] on a sign to allow people to tp to your island.
✓/tpahere (name)
To make someone teleport to you.
To go to the Skyblock lobby
To go to the main lobby
✓/warp crates
To go to the vote crates
✓/warp pvp
To go to the pvp arena.
✓/pay (name) (amount)
To pay someone
✓/is tc
To toggle teamchat
✓/is coop (name)
To coop someone.
✓/is uncoop
To uncoop someone
To open shop
To sell items.
To open auction house
✓/ah sell (amount)
To sell the item you are holding on ah
✓/is expel (name)
To expel someone from your island
✓/is ban (name)
To ban someone from your island
✓/is unban (name)
To unban someone from your island
✓/ignore (name)
To ignore someone
✓/unignore (name)
To unignore someone.
To see the real name of someone who is using /nick.
✓/kit (kitname)
To claim your kit.
✓/seen (name)
To check when someone was online.
To receive votelink
To receive forums register link.
✓ /is makeleader (player name)
This command only works when there are no other members on the island except you and the
person you want to make leader.)
✓ /discord
To get a discord invite link to the BlockDrop discord server.
Wow you know the basic commands. Clap for yourself.

8. Auto Farms?
I do have to agree that these are bit non practical especially with pistons and repeaters getting
removed with no way to craft them. This was actually done to make people actually farm instead
of afk'ing with an auto farm. Don't get me wrong. You can still make semiauto farms such as a
villager auto farm and wart farms.
✓Villager auto Farms are way impractical as the crops they will grow can not be sold for good
money. Such type of farms cannot sustain your bank account ( Not even close. Like off with a
Huge margin)
✓Auto wart farms are the only sustainable semi auto Farms that be beneficial to your bank
account. They do not cause much lag and actually give good money. With the 40 hopper limit
you can still make about a million (for a SkyLord+ otherwise for a normal person it would be an
average of about 700k depending on the rng) with each harvest if you use all 40 hoppers in it
and make it's layer span the length of your island. Here you can see an example of a layer.

Now the last part of the tutorial. Here I will list the approaches to Skyblock.​

9. Approaches to Skyblock
• The money approach
If you want to make mad money just make a floor dedicated only to farms. Don't spend money
on useless things or focus on is levels. And by the time you unlock warts you will have a spare
6million to be proud of.
• The island level approach.
You want to be in is top?. Then go through the money approach. Now you have unlocked warts.
Either you could build your whole island (including the ground) with wart blocks or you could go
a step further and get to chorus and build with chorus blocks. You built your island with chorus?.
Great now do /prestige to receive an enderman brain block and a prestige tag with your name
(be aware you will go back to a previous recipe depending on how many times you have already
prestiged). This enderman brain block gives your island 10k levels.
• Pvp approach
For some reason you only want to pvp. Then what you could do is buy all ranks upto immortal or
SkyLord if you rich in real life. Then either get your kits stacked by a SkyLord+ or do it yourself if
you purchase SkyLord+.
Great you read the whole thing and the tutorial to becoming an average player is complete.
"OMG thanks Sky. Now here take all my money and here's a SkyLord rank for you"
Thanks bro but you didn't have to.
"No no take it. It's my pleasure"
Thanks random guy.
LOG: Some of the things have been changed since this thread was first made and the changes
have been incorporated. Some of the points in the guide have been made pictorial to better
illustrate it and make it more presentable.
I thank you all for paying such attention and reading this. I really hope it helped you. I love to
make these type of things so it was also very fun for me. Let's work together to make this server
better and it's community bigger.

Mine on! my Friends

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