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Survival Improvements


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Hey ! I've made a post like this a while back. I made suggestions such as a change in kits and even /party which ultimately made it in the game ! Seeing as survival is getting a shop. I've decided to suggest forms of improvement. Everyone is complaining about the shop , but never supplies direct reasoning onto why it's bad. So , here are my current thoughts :

1. What's wrong with the shop ?
- The shop provides players with a variety of different blocks and utility to purchase. However , the prices of the items have no correlation as they do in game. Selling a diamond block , for example , doesn't have the same cost value as if you were going to trade an item for a diamond block. This drives players to instead trade it as a whole item instead of using money , as it's worth much more in block form and the prices of Diamond blocks aren't equal. This leads players to disregard the shop , and call it useless. The prices of BUYING an item are also very wrong. Similar to selling an item , the price of buying it makes no sense when you compare it to the sell prices. For instance let's say emerald blocks were 11$ to buy , the price of the same emerald block would be something like 1$ to sell which makes absolutely no sense. Even if you wanted to make it lower than they original buying price , it doesn't make any sense to have it basically 9% of the original price.

2. How to fix the shop ?
- Players are not motivated to use the shop. If you implement a new system , obviously people will no use it if there's no benefit to them. This was made apparent as even now , almost a month or so later no one is worrying about money. Instead resorting to materialistic item trades. One simple way to improve the money system is to implement Free ranks. At first , even I was skeptic about this concept. After all , the point of ranks are for the server to make money. However , please give me time to explain. By free ranks , I don't mean Legend level benefits. By free ranks , I mean adding a system where for instance 200,000 Would equal a free rank. This rank (depending on how high it is out of other free ranks) , would provide players with small benefits such as +1 sethome as well as prefix next to their name. As players gain more and more money on the server , they open themselves to more free ranks. In short , sort of like a prison improvement system , having to go from rank to rank. As players climb up , they will receive items like 500 claim blocks for their next upgrade as well as a vote key. Someone small , nothing to match purchasable ranks.
- I think we all can agree that PVP on survival isn't very popular. This is why I suggest adding money for kills. A set amount , something small like 200$ per kill. This promotes another way for those players who like to get a good pvp session going. Along with this , I think /bounty would be nice to have. This way , players can bounty others to make certain people go after them. Which would raise the stakes of pvp even more ! I've had people ask me , " Isn't that going to just promote abuse in the bounty system ? " And to that , no. If I set a bounty on someone , and I then proceed to take the kill , I'm only gaining the money I've placed on him. There isn't any way I could abuse this. Unless you want to give someone money ? Which in that case go ahead.

3. Other Misc. Things
- I'd love to see /ah introduced as seen on fac
- /sellhand would also be a great command to have
- Lastly , updating pluggins to reduce lag !

I'm sorry for the long post. I hope my ideas can be come across and maybe even implemented. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a wonderful day 🖤


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Ok that was long =). All u wrote are great suggestions. I am as u well know mostly focused on claims :), small ammount of claims and in game money should be added at ordinary vote crate. Most important is to get better gaming performance. /ah and /sellhand also very nice and omg I love /bounty and a plug in where I can get my head xD well would need someone to kill me for that xD. Just to add that ultimate crate should change. No one needs eme, dias or gaps. I sure wrote many times spawners like slime, iron golem,wither skeleton etc. Bring back premium crate for small rewards...
And must add 20$ for 10k claims is expensiveee tbh.


[COLOR=var(--theme-text-color)]1 ) give moderator the /vanish or /disguise or /invis command so they can spy on rule breaker and record them without them knowing so they dont turn it off or stop or whatever[/COLOR]
2 ) add a fix price in shop so cactus farm be a thing
3 ) add the chest shop which goes like this lets say im selling dirt
to sel it goes
for both its easy B100:S100 it can be great to be added as well of /ah aka auction house
4) the bucher plugin who sells heads a head shop for money could be awsome for the decoration
5 ) an edit to the claim to avoid greif
lets say my claim is 5000 and i have been in the area for 4 month and a greifer do a 50 claim land to greif
add a command to remove the claimed greif IN 2 condition
condition 1 : their claim should not be bigger than 10 % of claim in the area
condition 2 : you should be first in the area
6 ) add jobs plugin
for example lumberjack : get one stack logs to get money and xp
miner enchanter pvper fighter etc.
7 ) in addition the spawn egg drops plugin is cool u can custumize the % of drops
lets say 1 % without looting
2 % with looting 1
3 % looting 2
4 % looting 3 this could really help to move mobs where we want to do farms or whatever like iron golem farm is hard to move a villager and a zombie in the correct spot ( zombie can be eays using spawner )
8 ) add a command to kick players from our claim
9 ) a command to ban a player from our claim if they try to wwarp they will be sent to spawn immediatly
if they try to comn by foot by using the coordinat as soon as they enter the claim they loose 1 heart per seconde
10)player vault
1 /pv for member
2 for vip
3 for legend
5 for titan
10 for titan + ( this is survival ) i dont know the ranks in other gamemodes but could work there too
comment guys what u think


Alao add tag shop like
The noob the killer the pro
Terminator they could be for a price each or make a tag crate and add some commands like
/tags to choose one of the owned tag buy or sell using /give tag ( does not apply to help Australia and teamtrees)
It would be nice with a certain variety of tags
Also add command /stacked for titan +