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Hello Blockdrop!

I am proud to announce that, at the end of our TeamTrees event, we raised a total of $196. As promise, I will double that, using my own money, making the total from Blockdrop to be $392. That is 392 Trees planted!

I think we should be extremely proud that out community can contribute so much to such a worthy cause. To imagine how many 392 trees is, in real life and to then think that those came from our little corner of the internet, is truly great.

Thank you all for helping towards this goal.

As promised, the top 3 donators towards this get a free tag for life. Those users are:

berrycuute: (donated $25)
SymezV2: (donated $20)
Yfe2: (donated $20)

You can DM me and I will send your custom tags.

Thanks for reading and more importantly, thanks for being a part of this great community!

Screenshot 2019-11-18 at 18.23.20.png
Hello Blockdrop!

Welcome to the new forums!

Due to our new server link feature, you will be required to register again for a new account. This will mean that all accounts on the forums will now be linked to server accounts, making any type or reporting or account queries a lot easier and faster! This will mean that rank info will also update to the forums (this normally takes around an hour) so that we can add great rank benefits on the forums, as well we in game!

Feel free to register now by going in game and doing /register

Over the next few days we will be updating the forums with new things, like extra player help and FAQ sections. Feel free to post in the suggestions section if you have any ideas of cool things to add.

Thanks for reading!


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Welcome to the new forums!
So many people online. Finally the forums are coming back also unban shankyboi.
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Welcome to the new forums!
Hi I am already 5 months playin here but i just make my forums account today!
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