Bye bye hackers. Hello BD+

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Hello Blockdrop!

Today I just have a small announcement about some changes to the store. I think that times have changed since the whole world of Minecraft servers began and so Blockdrop will be one of the first servers to adapt to this new change. I no longer think that selling unbans is the right thing to do. Despite the income that this makes, I think offering hackers a way to return to the server is worse for the general players and so, in an effort to make the server a more equal and hacker-free place, as of today, it is no longer possible to purchase unbans in the store.

Obviously some of you may wonder how we would make up for this loss of income, after all, running a big server is expensive and Blockdrop must remain financially successful to maintain itself. I have been thinking about this for a while and I believe that I have came up with a solution that will reward the people who contribute most to the server but whilst also not effecting game play and keeping the...

More new seasons? wow we have been busy

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Hello Blockdrop!

Today I am excited to announce the long awaited prison reset (I know, finally lol).

This new season is a complete overhaul of our current prison gamemode and is the biggest prison update since, well, prison!
Here is a list of the new features:
- New builds
- Revamped Crates
- Pets
- Minions
- MineParty Event
- Envoy PVP Event
- Revamped /shop
- All players now automatically have autosell
- Custom enchants complete revamped (No tokens anymore, its now Orbs)
- EXP is now required to prestige (1block break = 1xp)
- You earn 1 Orb per block you break (includes custom enchants, EXP does not)
- Brand new /warps and /kits GUI's
- Revamped Multipliers
- 250 prestiges
- /trade to prevent scamming

This new prison season has been in the works for a while now and I hope you enjoy this brand new prison experience. The new season will open on friday 25th september at 1pm eastern...

Factions Enchants Update

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Hello Blockdrop!

Today I have great new that I am sure a lot of you have been waiting for. I am excited to announce the new season of Factions. This season we have a bunch of great updates including a new KoTH and spawner drop parties but the biggest update is with enchants. Enchants are now simpler to do. Items are now able to get a collection of regular and custom enchants, at the same time, using the enchant table. This also enchants higher levels (such as up to sharpness 16) at the same time. It is also now possible to just re-enchant something if you aren’t happy with the results!

To combat x-ray users we have stopped spawners from appearing in the wild map and instead will hold automated drop parties, dropping spawners at spawn every 2 hours. This will help make the spread of the more basic spawners more evenly amongst players, making it fairer for everyone.

The new season will be releasing on Friday, 11th September 2020 at 1pm eastern time. As always, any store items...

Skyblock Reset

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Hello Blockdrop!

Today i am excited to bring you big news of the long awaited Skyblock reset and update.

Skyblock Sonic was originally added at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic when most countries went onto lockdown and the player-count increased. It was intended as a temporary game mode to help create more space for players during this lockdown. As the player count seems to have settled now, i think today would be a good time to announce that both Skyblock Sonic and Astra will merge together to create 1 Skyblock. The new Skyblock will use the ranks/economy etc from Astra but with some extras from Sonic (Like island upgrades). We think that this will be a great combination, brining the best of both worlds and bringing once split friend groups back together in 1 main Skyblock server.

As you may know already, both game modes have closed now in order for us to prepare. Everything will completely reset (apart from paid ranks obviously as these are for life) and the opening day...

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