Please note that these rules do not cover every offence. Basic offences that should to be known to be against the rules due to commen sense are also covered (for example, leaking personal information). Please also note that if it becomes clear that a player breaks the same rule multiple times then admins reserve the right to apply a harsher punishment.  

Hacking: 14 day ban (60 days for bedwars) 
Invis: in pvp: 7 day ban
Inappropriate name: 60 day ban 
inappropriate skin: kick 
Flying in pvp: kick 
Spam 4 hour mute 
Excessive caps 1 hour mute 
Hate speak (including racism, homophobia etc) 2 day mute
Light advertising: 4 hour mute
Advertising: 60d ban
Disrespect/Toxic chat: 1d mute
None english: 1 day mute
Mute evading: Ban for muted length