1. 1nfern09OOO

    1nfern09000 Bypassing

    Game mode be weak
  2. 1nfern09OOO

    1nfern09000 Bypassing

    No cap survival gives me erectile dysfunction.
  3. 1nfern09OOO

    This is bs @staff

    Free the homie gnar T^T
  4. 1nfern09OOO

    I have no words

    He was clearly flying ;/
  5. 1nfern09OOO

    Not The Homie Erwin!!!

    NOOOOOOOO not the homie Erwin don't ban him for having high cps don't be jelly ;(
  6. 1nfern09OOO


    Lastly mad cause bad and get comboed ;3
  7. 1nfern09OOO


    1. Look at my record, I have never been banned for hacks. 2. I wasn't hacking, I was stuck on a block. 3. This is just a glitch, I wouldn't hack on scum like you 4. My internet is bad so I get lag spikes.
  8. 1nfern09OOO

    Christmas DP

    YAY, you guys should look out for the drop party and be sure to watch the video ;D